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"Some books leave us free and some books make us free."
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school,work,more school, more work
Monday. 1.16.12 10:05 pm
So much to do and not enough time to do it. So I really like my classes so far.

I have Public speaking and the teacher is really cool. I have British Lit which the book is super massive but I think it will be neat.

I have Ecology online which looks soooooo difficult and i am a little nervous.

Math is super frustrating and my book cost me 250 dollars :p

and finally I have psychology which seems legit.

<3 ruby

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Operation get through exams
Sunday. 12.11.11 7:45 pm

Take anatomy Test

Take Math Final

Do homework For History

Study for Medical term final


turn in History extra stuff

Study for Anatomy final

Study for Medical Term final

Do lab report

Study for lab quiz


Take Anatomy Final

Take Medical Term final

Write paper for History

Study for history final

Take lab quiz

Turn in lab report


Take history final

Turn in history paper


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Kinda tired but mostly worn outtttttt
Wednesday. 11.9.11 10:27 pm
Sooooooo sleepy lol :]

I am very appreciative of my boyfriend Tyler today. A few days ago he filled my car up and today he bought me lunch :] I wuv him. He treats me so well. So here is a few pics of us!! enjoy!


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cold toes
Friday. 11.4.11 11:24 pm
So I got promoted today at work (kinda). They fired a girl from shipping and then a cashier got bumped up to shipping and the girl ahead of me in cashier got bumped up and then I got bumped to her spot. So im going from 16ish hours to 33ish hours. I am very pleased about this. Happy about the extra money anyways.

My dad is supposed to come down from NY to SC for christmas. Well my birthday is two days after Christmas. I asked him if he would stay for my birthday this year. His reply was "Well Ken you gotta consider -insert girlfriends name-, its really not fair to her.".......Really? being there for your daughters 20th birthday is not fair when you will already be here for Christmas. How bout it's not fair that I haven't spent a damn Thanksgiving, Easter, New years, Valentines day, or Halloween with you since I was 9. Is that fair? Or how bout you never saw one of my theater shows, band concerts, or competitions since I was 9. i hope you wake up one day and realize that you missed my life and you regret every second that you wouldn't be here.

ok moving on lol. I have to go to work tomorrow at 10am :p so not looking forward to that!


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Tuesday. 11.1.11 8:21 pm
I lost a friend today. She died after being in a coma for two days. Her name was Tiffany. About two and a half years ago Tiffany came to live with my family for a year. She inspired me to be brave and to live life to the fullest. She was a beautiful person. She moved to live with my family to get out of the town she grew up in. She wanted a fresh start and a new adventure. Tiffany went to cosmetology school here and graduated. She was an independent beautiful girl who worked for everything in life. We had so many adventures in that year she lived here. She decided to move back to Florida. I talked to her over the phone a few times. It has been a year and a half since she left SC.


Ill see you again Tiffy <3

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seeing zombies
Tuesday. 10.25.11 12:11 am
We had a few friends over tonight and we all decided to hook up two tvs and play some video games. So we start playing super smash bros (old school oh yes!) then my brother and my boyfriend convince me to play this shooting game. They did not tell me until I was already into the game that it was a zombie game and also forgot to mention that there is no real way to win the game you just keep playing until the zombies overwhelm you and kill all of you -_-......needless to say Im having traumatic fears of zombies crawling out of my closet and my brothers voice in my head saying "we have a crawler left over!!! shoot shoot!!".... I hate guys

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